DYNAMIC C4 offers a wide range of COTS products and solutions based on open system architectures like VPX/ VME/ CompactPCI/ PMC/ XMC/ FMC bus specifications, enclosures, along with software and system integration services. Utilizing state-of-the-art yet proven products and technologies, these solutions provide customers with the highest performance, innovation and reliability, from development to deployment.

    COTS product line utilizes technologies in:

        -High Performance Intel™ and PowerPC™ SBCs;

       -Digital Signal Processing;

       -Reconfigurable Computing and programmable IO;

       -High Speed Serial Interconnect;

       -3D Graphics and Imaging;

       -Radar Video Acquisition, Conversion, Display and Distribution;

       -PMC/XMC/FMC expansions via PCI/PCIe & HSSI;

       -Data Communication including sFPDP, Ethernet, Fiber Channel, 1553;

       -Support for leading RTOS like VxWorks™,Integrity™etc.;

       -Extensive Software Drivers and Libraries(DSP,Communication);

       -Development Enclosure;

       -Deployable Rugged Enclosure for air-cooled or conduction-cooled applications.

Software Defined Radio

    Software Defined Radio--Radio in which some or all of the physical layer functions are software defined.

    Pentek offers the industry's most comprehensive product line for SDR and Analog/Digital IO. Products are available in PMC/XMC, PCI/PCIe, cPCI and VME/VXS form factors:

        -Digital Receivers

           ◦Multiband Products

           ◦Narrowband Products

           ◦Wideband Products

        -Transceivers and Upconverters

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