Stream200 200MHz 16bit Recorder and Playback System


    Stream200 is a turn-key IF record and playback system ideal for Radar, Software Radio, Communication and SatComm etc. applications.

    Features and Specifications of Record

  • - 3Ch 200MHz 16bit ADC for Recording
  • - Wide-band Digital Down Convert, BW = 2.5KHz to 80MHz
  • - (option) 8ch narrow-band DDC per ADC input, BW = 20KHz to 10MHz per channel
  • - >90dB SFDR
  • - Supports Recording in Real/Complex Mode
  • - Windows OS and NTFS
  • - Recorded into single or multiple files, and accessible by network
  • Features and Specifications of Playback

  • - 400MHz 16bit DAC for Playback
  • - Playback in 1Ch Complex or 2Ch Real Mode
  • - 1Ch DUC with interpolation(2 to 64K) and programmable output IF
  • - BW = 2.5KHz to 80MHz
  • It is based on 10+ years of experience in data recording technology, and its key focus is on data continuity, signal fidelity and system quality. This system has passed stringent acceptance test and provides user with a high fidelity signal acquisition system.

    Leveraging high quality and comprehensive signal acquisition products, Stream series offers customers a complete series of turn-key solutions for different sampling rate, channel count and resolution requirements. It supports Windows OS as standard, and Linux as an option. picture

    Fig 1. Figure 1: Fs=200MS/s, Fin=10MHz, SFDR>90dB, excellent noise floor

    In Stream200, it supports either wide-band DDC or multi-band DDC in FPGA. In multi-band DDC mode, each ADC support 8ch narrow band DDC, DDC bandwidth is up to 10MHz. The data are saved in either real or complex I/Q format. picture

    Fig 2: DDC mode, Tune to 70MHz IF, 20MHz BW


    Fig 3, Signal Playback plots, Fout=50MHz,SFDR=65dBc

    Stream200 supports PPS Marker function, which makes it ideal for Radar signal acquisition. It can record into single or multiple small files, which makes it easy for recording file management. All the data recorded are guaranteed no data loss.

    Stream Series Data Recorder and Playback Solution
    Product Description
    Stream200 Record and Playback 3Ch 16bit 200MHz ADC Record (with DDC)
    2Ch 16bit 400MHz DAC Playback(with DUC)
    Stream500 Record and Playback 2Ch 12bit 500MHz ADC/14bit 400MHz ADC Record
    2Ch 16bit 500MHz DAC Playback
    Stream1800 Record 2Ch 12bit 1.8GHz ADC Record
    1Ch 12bit 3.6Ghz ADC Record
    Stream3000 sFPDP Record and Playback 4Ch/8Ch sFPDP Record and Playback
    Stream5000 Aurora Record and Playback 4Ch/8Ch Aurora Recorder and Playback
    Stream6000 RF Record 4Ch RF Record/Playback
    Instant Bandwidth Up to 56MHz
    WaveGen1250 Playback 4Ch 16bit 1.25GHz DAC Playback