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Ultra High Speed Digitizers

    SP Devices High Speed Digitizers

    Digitizers from SP Devices are ideal for demanding measurement applications that require high speed and high resolution. Based on SP Devices’ ADX technology, several of the digitizers delivers data acquisition with a unique combination of high resolution and high sample rate. They also feature an easy‑to‑use USB 2.0 interface or a Compact PCI Express / PXI Express interface for high‑speed data transfer. Drivers are available for C/C++, MATLAB and LabView.

    SP Devices' Digitizer is optimized for dynamic performance over a wide bandwidth, which makes it ideal for broadband applications such as Radar, LIDAR, wireless communication, optical transmission, high-speed data recording, ultrasonic raning etc.


  • Key features:
  • • Ultra high sampling rate up to 6.4GS/s
  • • High Resolution
  • • Multi-Channel operation
  • • Wide analogue signal bandwidth
  • • Internal and external clock
  • • External trigger input and output
  • • Multi-Record >1MHz PRF
  • • Time stamp
  • • Data interface USB 2.0 or cPCIe /PXIe
  • • Support for C/C++ and Matlab
  • ADQ V6 Digitizer Family

    The ADQ V6 Digitizer family is a new high performance series of digitizers from SP Devices. Based on the ADQ DSP digital signal processing board in combination with a number of analog front-end boards, the ADQ V6 Digitizer family members covers a wide variety of high performance application areas.

    The ADQ DSP board is equipped with a Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGA (LX240T, SX315T) and 1 GByte DRAM. The board communicates through PXIe / cPCIe x8 to advanced measurement systems. It is also available with a USB interface for flexible stand alone operation with a laptop in the field. To enable the highest capability of digitizers on the market, the ADQ DSP board is equipped with a digital port for eight 17-bit 1Gb/s data busses.

    Table 1: ADQ V6 Digitizer Family Product Matrix
    Product Channels Resolution Sampling Rate Analog Bandwidth On-board Memory Size Interface Data Sheet
    ADQ108 1 8bit 6.4GSPS(8GSPS) 3GHz 1024MB USB, PXIe ADQ108
    ADQ412 4
    12bit 1.8GSPS
    700MB USB,PXIe ADQ412